Our holistic wellness programmes

Our programmes are based on the five pillars listed below or they can also comprise very specific therapies. They can however consist of just a few massage sessions at the villa or can be complete; it all depends on the type of holidays you, our guests, choose to spend.

The five pillars are:


Massages with Mohender

All massages are made at the villa by Mohender, and or his wife. Like for the whole of the programme, the frequency and type of massages will be first as per the guests' preferences and subject to our therapists' availabilities and qualifications.

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Activity in nature

Health & Fitness with Nathalie

Our body is far more than a vehicle for the brain and our nature is far more than an environment to our body. We know that there is no human life without nature but we very seldom offer ourselves the time and opportunity to acknowledge this basic fact.

Spending time in nature not only brings in fresh air into the lungs and spreads colourful landscapes on our retina but anoints every cell, enhances that feeling of well-being, brings back the smiles. Nature is nurture for all body cells, including the brain cells and sensory networks. Being in a natural environment directly and immediately influences the way we feel, to the better, provided that we can temporarily stop our trains of thoughts, put aside our feelings of insecurity, our fears, our cravings. The colour-rich landscapes of Mauritius are a natural relaxant.

Our Activity in Nature sessions mainly aim at dynamizing the body through light physical activity and re-activating the sensory perceptions, replacing oneself within our natural environment and inversely, replacing nature within ourselves. They can also bring other benefits such as overcoming fears, accepting the unexpected or restoring trust at large.

Nathalie being an instructor for Vinyasa flow Yoga and a fitness coach, some sessions, namely the fitness, may be carried-out in Bras d'Eau nature reserve.


Yoga with Christophe, Ingrid and Nathalie

All Yoga lessons will be carried out at the villa or in a natural spot around it. Depending on your needs, wishes and especially whether you already practice(d) Yoga, we will find the most suitable programme and teacher. Generally, Kundalini Yoga lessons are led by Ingrid while initiation sessions and regular Hatha Yoga lessons are lead by Christophe who, by the way can also teach traditional Kundalini Yoga. To widen our choice, Nathalie proposes Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow Yoga classes.

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Naturopathy and Nutrition with Tessa

The naturopath is a health coach, whose mission is not to disrupt but support each one's auto-healing process. Naturopathy has a holistic approach to human being by taking into consideration its 4 plans:
Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual.

Nutrition could be the cornerstone of the programme, being often the underlying problem, it is where lies the solution.

We invite you to seize the opportunity of your holidays to discover the immediate benefits of adapted eating habits while discovering the delicacies of Mauritian cuisine, transforming your stay in Mauritius into wellbeing holidays.

About our naturopathy and nutrition programmes.

Zen Sessions

Holistic Psychotherapy with Ingrid

Holistic Psychotherapy made the Ingrid way can help in cases of:

- Stress
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Bipolar disorder
- Trauma and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
- Chronic pain
- Eating disorders
- Sleep disorders
- Self-esteem issues
- Sexuality issues
- Substance abuse
- Work and financial issues
- Social Anxiety
- Phobias and OCD
- Sexual or Physical abuse
- Relationship/couple's issues

What to expect:

- Release of Physical, mental and emotional Symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.
- More vitality and enthusiasm, zest for life.
- More courage to take risks and actions - less fearful
- Greater self-esteem, sense of empowerment
- Deepening connection with oneself and others
- Improved relationships and increased intimacy
- Renewed creativity
- Discovering a sense of "flow" and balance in one's life.

Other practices

Other practices

In addition to those five pillars, specific techniques, disciplines and therapies can be combined in order to better suit each one's needs and requests. Here-below is a non-exclusive list of those, available upon request and subject to forward planning.

- Applied kinesiology
- Body alignment
- Chakra balancing
- Cranio-sacral therapy
- Digitopressure
- EFT tapping
- Elementary balancing breathing and mudra techniques
- Fitness
- Emotional release
- Hypnosis
- Hypnotherapy
- Initiation to meditation
- Karma yoga meditation
- Kundalini Chakra system – Meditative respiration techniques and philosophy
- Magnet therapy
- Mantras Yoga (singing non religious mantras)
- Neuro-linguistic programming
- Pilates
- Psychotherapy
- Qi Gong
- Reiki
- Sophrology
- Tai Chi
- Trauma therapy
- Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)
- Yoga philosophy