Ever guided by her altruism, it made sense for Tessa to start her Naturopathy studies in 2010 in Paris. Following an intense, enriching and exciting syllabus, she flies to South-Africa to be coached for the B.E.S.T (Bio Energetic Stress Test) by a great therapist she had met earlier in 2008.

It is essentially using this machine, complemented by her philosophy and know-how naturopathy that Tessa makes her health assessments.

Since 2015, Tessa combines this method of assessments with Reiki / Energetic therapies, making the auto-recovery processes faster. It also reinforces the immune system and helps restoring energetic flows.

The therapy detoxifies the physical, energetic and emotional/mental bodies, enhances the feeling of well-being, relieves tensions, revitalises and mitigates the effects of stress.

The B.E.S.T. / Reiki combination is really a gift to oneself.