Naturopathy and Nutrition


The naturopath is a health coach, whose mission is not to disrupt but support each one's auto-healing process, to identify and eliminate the causes of the symptoms, to purify and detoxify the organism. Naturopathy has a holistic approach to human being by taking into consideration its 4 plans: Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual.

The B.E.S.T (Bio Energetic Stress Test) system is a computerized health screening system that consists of sending a slight electrical impulse through the body's meridians which pass through specific organs & tissues. These regulate the electrical flow through them and this reveals their functional state and identify the imbalances.

The concept

Every living thing has its own electromagnetic frequency or resonance. Every part of the body, every cell is in a state of vibration. When we are in a state of good health, our body “vibrates in harmony”. On the other hand, when there is “dis-ease”, the machine picks-up the frequency in disharmony.

Owing to this system, the therapist can then determine weaknesses and stress points of the body and then the sensitive environmental, chemical and nutritional factors and search with a database of above 40,000 digital codes, the objects, foods, including dietary supplements, containing the minerals and vitamins that will help in restoring this vital harmony.

Who can benefit?

This therapy suits all; from babies to elderlies. It can take a preventive approach or apply to persons suffering from intense pathology.