Therapeutic Massages


All massages are made at the villa by Mohender, and or his wife. Like for the whole of the programme, the frequency and type of massages will be first as per the guests' preferences and subject to our therapists' availabilities and qualifications.

Our principal therapist's range of massages are:

- Anti-stress and relaxing massages,
- Foot reflexology
- The sportsman massage
- Rejuvenation massage
- Detox massage
- Traditional Balinese massage
- Traditional Swedish massage
- Medical massage

- A Thai-Shiatsu combo
- Neuro-Muscular-Theraphy (a rehabilitation treatment)

Relaxation massage

Eliminates sensations of stress and relieves stress-generated pains. Brings a deeper sense of relaxation.

The Detox massage

Using the technique of the lymphatic drainage, the Detox massage eliminates toxins located in the lymph, a fluid that can be compared to blood plasma, circulating in the interstices of the body tissues. Interstitial fluid represents about 16 % of body weight. An average adult body contains about 10 litres of those fluids.

The sportsmen massage

Relieves and restores muscles, reinvigorates the body's tone and improves the resistance capacities of the joints.

The therapeutic massage

Relieves from physical pains and mental stress.

The Thai / Shiatsu combo

This massage being oil less, it is carried-out with clothes on. It enhances the joints and stimulates the meridians for the release of accumulated tensions.

The foot reflexology

It is about stimulating specific points on the soles of both feet, that correspond or are linked to different parts and organs, in order to restore the energetic circuits of the body.