Yoga Instructor

Christophe started practising Yoga in 2003, during his MBA in Belgium. As he was practising more and more often, his teacher then encouraged him to start teaching. Upon his return to Mauritius in 2005 where he settled as a consultant in sustainable / green projects, a spontaneous request incited him in resuming his Yoga classes. Here again, his way to becoming a full-time Yoga teacher was cleared by a well-experienced local Yogini who supervised and guided him along his first years as a Yoga teacher.

One lesson leading to another, quickly, Christophe was booked-up for 5 lessons a week. Listening to his inner convictions, the satisfaction he derived from sharing Yoga moments and comforted by the increasing demand for his courses, Chris decided to deepen and enlarge his understanding of Yoga by signing-up to a structured course under the tutelage of Swamin Santhiprasad, at the “School of Santhi” in Kerala, India. He pursued his syllabus over a period of 4 years and obtained all his diplomas (200-hour and 500-hour teacher training courses), in excellence. These diplomas are accredited by the “International Yoga Alliance” and the “International Yoga Federation”.

Over and above the diplomas as proofs of his deep knowledge and regular physical practises, his years in India were enriched by his study of the philosophy of Yoga, his meditations as well as his knowledge of traditional Kundalini Yoga (different to the contemporary form of Kundalini Yoga widespread in the western countries), which he is happy to share with others today.

Chris's regularly teaches “Hatha Yoga”, the most widespread type of Yoga in the western world, that combines “Asana” (postures) with “Pranayama” (energy/breathing) and “Pratyahara” (Relaxation); nevertheless, the courses can take different approaches and be directed towards meditation, energetic workouts, the philosophy of Yoga or the practice of healing based on the balancing of elementary forces of the body via “Mudra” (the Yoga of hands), breathing or chanting mantras. Chris is a full-time Yoga teacher since 2009.