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Holistic wellness holidays in Mauritius

Wellness holidays in Mauritius

Because holidays are sacred moments of life, we invite you to discover below your next wellbeing holidays in Mauritius.


Holistic wellness holidays

Because holidays are sacred moments of life, we take them at heart and believe they should be given a greater dimension and not be limited to an expiring trunk of time in a year. Holidays recharge energy, so do health and wellness programmes they are a resourcing process… until their beneficial outcomes fade-out.

We propose holiday villa rentals by the sea and long-lasting healing programmes for which a holistic approach is necessary as it is important to take a person in its entirety to suggest and adapt the wellness programme. The settings and locations of the villas in Mauritius are a fairly good start to successful health and wellness programmes. Indeed, massages or Yoga classes under a veranda facing the sea of Mauritius have greater relaxation and recovery potentials.

Why not give a long-lasting dimension to your holidays by combining relaxing happy moments with “seriously” resourcing, restoring and recharging activities, taking back home simple life-enhancing practices and habits? See how our holistic health practitioners can help you.

What Holistic Wellness is?

The holistic wellness approach is about paying kind attention to the three poles around which is mended a person's physical, mental and emotional states and providing the tools for the leading of a healthy lifestyle of well-being.


The holistic approach is about considering a person's uniqueness, paying attention to his / her body, mind and emotional combination.


Wellness is a way and state of life. Waking-up before the alarm goes, eager to discover the surprises of the day is a sign of well-being.

Body, Mind (& Soul)

In the context of wellness, it is about rebalancing the body the mind and emotions within a healthy new wrap.

Our core team of therapists

Dedicated and caring professional therapists and practitioners; all born in Mauritius




She is the corner-stone as is the one who carries-out the initial holistic health assessments on which the programme is based.





Psychotherapist, Clinical hypnotherapist and Certified Body alignment practitioner. Also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher...




Yoga Teacher

After having gone down the road of economics and sustainable development, Christophe has adopted Yoga as a way of life and career.




Massage Therapist

Mohender Has a diploma in Aromatherapy from the London college of Holistic MedicineCertified Master Teacher in Magnified Healing since March 2001




Yoga Teacher

Nathalie is our Body and Mind Fitness instructor. Originally a Martial Artist, Nathalie understands that not only power and strength, but control, balance and focus are essential to perform in any type of physical activity.


How to proceed

After all the villa-rental and other usual holiday-related matters have been finalised, we will invite you to start chatting / exchanging around your holiday plans and / or wellness programme. It may be done by e-mail, chats or live calls. The idea is to determine, together, the extent you or your group wishes to enjoy our wellness programmes.

Where only casual Yoga and massage sessions are retained, we will agree, in due course, the date and time to have your first session(s). From there, you will be able to finalise the rest of your programme directly with the therapist or the Yoga teacher.

In case of a more specific or complex programme, we will inform the therapists about the dates of your stay, plus schedule a first meeting with Ludovic our appointed practician in Naturopathy, for a 90-minute assessment.

The assessment is made just through dialogue and the programme will be established according to the findings and to your preferences, availability, likings and to some extent your curiosity.